Board of Directors


Paul LaViolette, Chairman Venture Partner, SV Life Sciences
Gordon Bishop Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Direct Flow Medical
Daniel T. Lemaitre President & CEO, Direct Flow Medical
Greg Madden Principal, SV Life Science
George Fazio President & CEO, Corvia Medical
Yuval Binur Independent
Board Observers
Stephen Hoffman Sr. Advisor, PDL BioPharma

SV Life Sciences
VantagePoint Venture Partners


The information on this site is only intended for health care providers in certain markets outside the United States (US) where the Direct Flow Medical Trancatheter Aortic Valve Replacement System is approved for use as indicated by the instructions for use. The information on this page is not intended for health care providers in the US or US health care institutions as this site contains information about a product that is limited by US law to investigational use.

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