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Founded in 2004, Direct Flow Medical®, Inc. is focused on developing novel transcatheter heart valve technologies that improve patient outcomes while reducing patient complications. The company is exploring application of its proprietary technology beyond the aortic valve, to the mitral valve and other valve anatomy. Headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, the company also has technology and manufacturing facilities in Lake Forest, California.

Company Culture

Direct Flow Medical, Inc. has a very unique corporate culture and has developed a set of principles that makes this a unique place to work. Our company is a community, and people feel best when they are proud of their community and know that it is accomplishing something worthwhile. Our employees are encouraged to get to know one another and to support one another in their achievements. We acknowledge and celebrate professional goals, as well as personal milestones. The atmosphere at Direct Flow Medical, Inc. is one that supports both a sense of satisfaction from our work, and also a sense of companionship with our co-workers.

We are currently accepting resumes for the positions listed below. Direct Flow Medical® has two U.S. locations, one in Santa Rosa and the second in Lake Forest, California. Additionally we often have “Field” positions. We are seeking highly motivated individuals who are looking for challenging employment opportunities to develop cutting edge medical devices. Please send your resume and cover letter to hr@directflowmedical.com.

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